Wendy Mahoney

SpecialityCEO of Newmella Holdings (Pty) Ltd (South Africa)

Wendy is an Innovation Specialist. She is the CEO of Newmella Holdings (Pty) Ltd which is a global Culture Transformation Consultancy for Inclusive Innovation. She chairs the 30% Club for KZN (Kwazulu Natal), which drives Inclusion within the corporate space; she serves on the KZN NBI (National Business Initiative) council, and is an NED for Dare to Restore Worth (a Youth Mentorship and Coaching Academy, est. 2013)

Wendy lectured a course in Business Innovation Management

at Vega School, a tertiary education college and subsidiary of ADvTECH; has a Bachelor of Business Administration and Marketing cum laude and a Master of Arts in Creative Brand Leadership cum laude. As a Master Practitioner in Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) she is an internationally accredited Trainer of NLP, where she focuses on the behavioural elements that enable cultures to accelerate the velocity

with which they innovate though in a sustainable manner. She has presented on TED. Wendy’s corporate positions include; Executive Director European Times; Director Sales and Marketing CNBC and Forbes Africa; General Manager Sales Trudon South Africa; and Director TDS Namibia. Further, she is an Executive Consultant to the Institute of Inventors and Innovators.

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