Petra Rees

SpecialityFounder & CEO Why Toyz (South Africa)

Petra Rees – Founding CEO, an award winning businesswoman with a BSc(Hon) and MBA who started several enterprises including skills and enterprise development entity that focused on community development and supply chain localisation in South Africa.

Petra Rees is originally from the Czech Republic and is now based in South Africa. She has started a few successful enterprises in her life; a destination marketing agency in Seychelles and one of the largest virtual business support and enterprise development centers on the African continent servicing over 50,000 small businesses over the years. Her new exciting business venture, the Why Toyz, provides fun educational content for kids ages 3-8 that one can 3D print at home or at school and has recently won the Best Edutech category in the whole of Southern Africa as part of the Southern Africa Startup Awards (SASA) as well as Seedstars Johannesburg!

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