Dr. Stella-Maris Orim

SpecialityFounder ATLAI (Nigeria)

Stella is a Chartered Manager (CMI) and an Assistant Professor in Coventry University United Kingdom. She has worked for over 2 years in Nigerian Higher Education (HE) and over 10 years in the United Kingdom HE. In the last 7 years, she has held and contributed to different HE Quality and Standard roles and made considerable contributions to numerous funded research projects on corruption in HE. In her capacity as Engineering, Environment and Computing Faculty Lead for Academic Integrity, she has contributed greatly to the development of the Coventry University Group strategy on Academic Integrity.

As co-investigator, she contributed to the development of new and innovative research ideas, techniques, methodologies and approaches from an initial project Impact of Policies for Plagiarism in Higher Education across Europe (IPPHEAE 2010-13) involving partner institutions across 27 European Union countries. She has also co-investigated other EU several funded projects (SEEPPAI (2016-17), ENAI (2016-19), CHEA/CIQG (2018-19) and PAICKT) (2018-19).

Stella has realised major accomplishments in the development and enhancement of Teaching and Learning via pedagogic innovation and new approaches which have been disseminated widely. These have been in the published articles on the use of Tophat as a digital literacy tool and the application of learning technology in United Kingdom higher education and a framework for implementation. Findings from this research informed the development of a Learning Technology Conceptual Implementation Framework. She developed and continuously updates the Coventry University Good Academic Practice Quiz (a significant formative quiz used during CU Student Induction and Academic Conduct investigation process).

Most of her research outputs can be found on the Coventry University PURE Profile, ORCID, Academia.Edu and Researchgate with her citations reflected on Google Scholar. As a member of the European Network for Academic Integrity (ENAI) Awards Committee, she has contributed to the Academic Integrity knowledge area. The outcome of major projects in this area have demonstrable local and national research impact of shaping local public policy culminating in the generation of new research proposals with substantial impact on the global academy, society and on the University (CHEA/CIQG).

As a Community Governor in King Edward VI College Nuneaton, she contributes to knowledge transfer with a key focus on the deliberate integration of Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics (STEM) in a way that will help students develop key skills including problem solving.

Academic Integrity for Stella holds more than a research theme which spans exploration of experiences, practices, procedures and policy implementation in European countries. Her dream is to use her wealth of experience to impact the Nigerian Educational system as she believes that deep learning is the foundation for integrity in academic endeavours which result to creativity, innovation and development in all works of life.

As a result, she founded the Non-Governmental Organisation; Admitting Teaching Learning Assessing with Integrity (ATLAI) which serves as a platform for engagement in knowledge transfer. Her contribution to the Nigerian Higher Institution has led to enhanced awareness in the area of Academic Integrity and need for institutional interventions and better student experience.

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