post Covid-19: innovation for inclusive continental development

post Covid-19: innovation for inclusive continental development

Awards & Prizes

Awards will be given to organization and institution that recognizes and promote the culture and ecosystem of creativity and innovation.

Innovation Funds will be given to outstanding invention, innovation and works or creativity after duly screened by competent juries.

IFIA special Medal and Certificate awarded to be the Best African Inventor.


Juries will anchor their decision based on the following criteria.

Originality: The extent to which a solution is better than what currently exists in the market. 

Marketability: The potential for a solution to address the needs of the target market affordably while returning a profit.

Scalability: The ease with which a solution can be applied to a different market without significant alterations.

Social Impact: The extent to which the solution addresses a pressing social challenge. 

Technical Aspects: The sufficiency of the provided technical details to allow validation of the claims made